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Raptor Brutal RC

Raptor Brutal RC

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Did your child see a movie about dinosaurs? Children are attracted to the novelties and giant animals of the dinosaur world. Come on, the lifelike and manoeuvrable large dinosaur toys let children learn more about the construction and picture of dinosaurs and let them experience the fun of playing with dinosaurs.

Remote Control Walking Dinosaur Shaking Head and Wiggling Tail Rechargeable Electronic Pet with 3D Eyes and Roaring Sounds

This remote control toy robot dinosaur can not only be a cheap partner for your children, as super realistic and flexible movements allow children to better learn how dinosaurs run and roar through this stimulated dinosaur, and it can convey the knowledge and perception of dinosaurs, but also helps you activate early childhood education and promote interaction and communication between children.

Rechargeable dinosaur with USB cable

Equipped with a powerful and rechargeable battery, children can play continuously for 2 hours and enjoy long playtimes. The belly of the dinosaur has a charging port for connecting the USB cable. When the Velociraptor battery is low, an alarm will automatically be triggered and the dinosaur please charge in time. It is very convenient to charge this dinosaur, the USB cable can be connected to a computer, power bank or socket to charge the dinosau



Package includes:

1 x remote control

1 x charging cable

1 x manual


7 Días de Garantía en desperfecto de fabrica una vez reciba el Producto. 

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