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Switch ,PC (snes Control)

Switch ,PC (snes Control)

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Product description

switch controller



  • This controller is a wireless Pro controller manufactured by Poulep.
  • The type is similar to the SNES controller, but it works for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.
  • It is a perfect replacement with high quality functional stability.


switch controller


With a variety of features, you can experience different fun in the game!


  • Wireless connection, strong anti-interference and stable connection signal.
  • One-button connection, easy to operate.
  • Built-in gyroscope, support motion sensing.
  • Built-in dual motor supports double shock function.
  • Support Turbo function.
  • Ergonomic design and lightweight handle construction make the player feel comfortable
  • Please read the instruction manual for more functions.


switch controller



  • 300 - Large capacity, the wireless Pro controller has a battery capacity of 300mAh.
  • 5H - Full charge allows you to play for 5 hours in the world of games, very long lasting.
  • 2H - The controller can be fully charged, fast and stable in just 2 hours.



switch controller

Enter The Pairing Interface


  • First use the connection controller to the console
  • Open the Switch console in the main menu interface of the console.
  • Touch “Controller” → “Change Grip” with your finger to enter the host pairing mode interface.



switch controller

Searching and Pairing


  • On the controller, press and hold the “HOME” button for 4 seconds to turn on the controller.
  • The four LED lights first flash slowly in a slow cycle, and after 4 seconds, they will flash rapidly and enter the search state.
  • When one (or more) LEDs are on, the controller is successfully paired with the console.



switch controller



  • Press “B” to return to the main menu interface.
  • Please refer to the instruction manual for more connection methods.



switch controller

Features & details

  • COMPATIBILITY - It is Poulep Brand Product, Compatible with Switch Console and Windows PC. No need to load any driver, the handle can be used after connecting with the Switch console.
  • STABLE CONNECTION - The Pro gamepad uses a wireless connection and a one-button connection to the Nintendo Switch Console. It is easy to operate and has strong anti-interference ability. The connection signal is stable, so you don't have to worry about complicated problems.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION – Pro game controller has a built-in gyroscope that supports motion sensing. The built-in dual motor supports dual-shock function, supports bursting function and perfect multi-button function.
  • BATTERY LIFE - The gamepad has a built-in 300 mAh polymer lithium battery that can be used for 5 hours when fully charged, while charging with the Type C cable, and the normal pro switch controller can also play normally.
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