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A86 RC Drift car 1:16 Scale

A86 RC Drift car 1:16 Scale

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Product description

RC Drift Car

DRIVING TERRAIN: RC drift car can be driven on flat surfaces or floors, or are suitable for indoor and outdoor play.

4WD MORE FUN: This is a rc drift car with a lot of fun, more fun than the 2WD range.

BATTERY PROTECTION: The battery has overcharge and overcurrent protection to ensure the safety of charging. and when the battery is low, the top speed will slow down, protecting the battery and prolonging the life of the battery.

DRIFT: Drift is full of power and gives you the feeling of driving a sports car.

SPEED: Fast, high speed and powerful motor hobby drift car speed up to 28+km/h.

RC Drift Car 2.4GHz 1:16 Scale 4WD

RC Drift Car


Metal hoods tend to be more durable and resistant to wear and tear compared to hoods bonnet of other materials like plastic. They can withstand rough handling and impacts without easily breaking or deforming. With heat dissipation and longevity.


RC Drift Car


Use a Tool To Remove The Tire

Replace The Drift Tires

The whole process, simple to install and easy to get started.


RC Drift Car


This remote control car is equipped with a pair of LED lights. Remote control vehicle is powered on, the lights will start to flash.

Package includes:

1x RC Car

1x 7.4V 600mAh Rechargeable Battery

1x 2.4Ghz

1x USB Charging Cable

4x Rubber Tires

4x Drift Tires

4x Traffic Cones

1x Manual

1x Screw Tool

1x Screwdriver Tool


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