New GP430 Kinhank

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CPU: Quad-core CPU,1.2GHz
ARM: ARM Cortex-A53, 1GM RAM
Memory: Built-in 64G Mirco SD Card
TF Card: Support TF Card expansion to 256GB
Motherboard: Powered by Raspberry Pi CM-3
Screen: 4.3 Inch IPS screen
Resolution: 800x480
Hardware Refresh Rate: 60Hz
Battery: 5000MAh lithium battery
Charging Input: 5V 2A
Emulators: Built-in 42 emulators
Support for KODI, you can watch TV and videos online
Support for Steam streaming box projection
Support Mini HDMI video output
Support Type-C fast charge
PCM5100/02 high-quality Hi-Fi sound card chip
Support Wifi networking
PSV2000 Dual Joysticks
Adopt cavity speakers, dual-channel headphones
Adopt a powerful turbofan engine

Raspberry portable con Pantalla HD de 4.3" ips

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